With computers came the concept of ‘Virtual Classrooms’ enabling students to remain up-to-date with the courses without having to physically attend schools. And now, Palm OS is all set to revolutionize the traditional act of school going and related activities. An ordinary surfer would hit upon hundreds of Palm-based applications developed specially in the interests of the students and teachers around the world. Softwares ranging from Lexicons to Conversion Tools to Complicated Equation solvers –examples of little things that help enhance productivity – are all easy baits that students would fall for. Besides, who wouldn’t like to have more knowledge at once at his disposal than any school/college can render in a few years time, anyway?

The Bare Essentials


An easy-to-use application displaying the entire periodic table of elements. Customised searches like atomic weight, density, at. mass etc. can be carried out at any point by tapping on an element.

Convertor Pro
A unique shareware tool for students and professionals alike. Scientific conversions based on 37 categories (e.g. length, area, etc.) plus 8 customizable user categories are provided with.

Super Memo
So powerful that the students want the shareware to be advertised in the school campuses! Besides taking notes and storing them for future use Super Memo also acts like a memory substitute.

Teacher’s PET
Aptly christened the application helps the teachers out with tedious tasks as taking attendance, grading pupils’ performance and tracking student activites.

Timetable Pro
Ideal for teachers and lecturers – helps  keep track of lessons, activities, conferences.

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Pick Of The Month


The latest software from Beiks Electronics & Trade BDicty is a multilanguage dictionary program for the Palm. Available in two versions: Public and Commercial it comes in over 10 languages.  Specialized lexicons like Medical Terms lexicons, Travel dictionaries, Custom Dictionaries are included.


One very convenient software for students around the globe is called Four.Zero, which helps them keep a track of multiple courseworks. Rightly called the ‘Homework Manager,’ it assists the students in storing the details of homework he has for a day, a week or for the entire Christmas vacation. One can also add details of each class/course that he is pursuing e.g. the instructor’s name, his policy of grading, his notes, the textbooks recommended by him, the strength of the class, the next lecture, location, timing, the due date of the tasks for that course, his current grade in class, as well as the ways by which his rank can ascend!

A student can check his overall GPA and perform ‘what- if’ tests to predict his grades in the forthcoming exams – thus knowing just where to focus more. The application can also be used as a reminder tool to help notify the important class hours, due date of specific activities/tasks such that one can plan time out for other activities.

The minimum requirement for the shareware application is Palm OS 3.0.  It can be easily downloaded from the net, the process involving not more than a minute’s time.

With such a helpful software as this the time is not distant when every student would be found carrying a small Palmtop to the institution in place of a loaded school bag! Mobile Generation?

More Info


Timetable Pro is an essential tool for both teachers and students for storing several timetables. Searches can be carried out in terms of a whole week at a glance, or quick info like the next class, name of the lecturer, place etc.. No wonder students are all praise for Astraware!

In Focus

Convert your PalmPilot into a Thesaurus, Dictionary and Spell Checker. Over 50,000 entries listed alphabetically and cross-referenced; a unique ‘Find Word’ facility and multiple synonyms on searching for a word make the application a must buy for students.

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